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Over 30 years
UK Manufactured

Our Spectrum range of radiant panels combine excellent heating and cooling performance with an unobtrusive design, easy installation, realistic pricing and the knowledge that they will give years of trouble free service

Designed for TBAR and plasterboard installations with higher outputs.

Robust panel offering the ideal solution for heating health, education and commercial buildings.

Optional widths and lengths for full flexibility to suit all types of installation.

Heavy duty panel suitable for sports halls and industrial projects that require longer lengths.

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Over 30 years working on industry leading projects across a wide variety of sectors.


The best business partner is the one who understands your markets as well as you. The team at RHCS have over three decades of experience in designing and creating heating and cooling solutions. Our objective is to use this knowledge and experience to help you become as innovative as you can be, in your marketplace.


Over 30 Years Experience

Our expert team has over 30 years of industry experience and from our centrally located office in Birmingham they will offer solutions that meet all your heating and cooling requirements.

UK Manufactured Products

All of our radiant panel products are manufactured in the UK and sold directly throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Panel stock is held in our centrally located warehouse, ensuring quick delivery to site to aid schedule requirements.

Innovative Technology

Our central facility in Birmingham features state-of-the-art technology and machinery to ensure all the products we manufacture are of the absolute highest quality in terms of both performance.


An efficient and hygienic heating and cooling solution can greatly improve the environment and welfare of patients and staff.

Offering an extremely energy efficient heating and cooling solution while at the same time creating a comfortable working environment.

Providing a comfortable environment for employees to optimise performance and create a building that is as comfortable as possible.

Radiant ceiling panels are the ideal heating and cooling solution for schools when a balanced and comfortable temperature is required.

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