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Radiant Panels



    Achieves a higher perceived temperature saving energy
    Creates an even temperature across a room
  • Offering a short heating and cooling time
    Ceiling installation maximises wall space
    Resulting in quick call off if required
    At all stages of the project

Modern heating and cooling is all about people and providing a comfortable environment for occupants.

However with issues such energy efficiency becoming increasingly important in delivering a heating and cooling system which offers an effective building performance for occupants and also saves energy and money, is paramount in the choice of an optimum heating/cooling solution.

Radiant panels offer many benefits:

  • Create a more comfortable environment for occupants by creating an even temperature distribution across the room
  • Save energy and money by achieving a higher perceived temperature than the actual room temperature
  • Work well with lower temperature heating systems
  • Provide an efficient solution offering a short heating and cooling time
  • Installed within a ceiling or high on a wall they maximise wall and floor space
  • Silent operation
  • No dust/bacteria dispersal offering a hygienic solution
  • Maintenance free
  • Lower cleaning costs

How do they work?

Radiant heat is a form of electromagnetic radiation, between ultra violet and infra-red on the electromagnetic spectrum.

These electromagnetic waves penetrate the air with no loss of energy and this energy is only converted to instant heat when it comes into contact with any object of a lower temperature, warming anyone or anything in close proximity.

If the radiant panels are heated by hot water this subsequently gives off energy to the room. This energy is converted into heat only when it comes into contact with the human body or other objects.

This is identical to the way in which the direct sunlight on a cold winter’s day produces warmth and makes us feel comfortable.

As a result radiant ceiling panels provide a pleasant and comfortable warmth at ground level, even when installed at a height of 30 metres.

There are many radiant panels available on the market but the concept is the same.  Water is distributed through an aluminium  panel via waterways attached to the rear. 

Instant Heat

A radiator may take hours to become an efficient heating solution - warming itself and then the air around it.  A radiant panel within minutes of the system being turned on offers instant heat, while the air is still reaching the desired temperature.

Cooling Solution

Radiant panels can also be used as an effective and efficient cooling system.

Cold water flows through the panels and the radiant panel, as the coolest item in the room, creates a convection effect with heat from people and objects within the room rising to the ceiling.  Warm air inside the room rises also rises to ceiling, where it gives off its heat to the cool panels, becomes heavier and descends back into the room